Throwing "divorce parties" in Oregon may help separating spouses move on

Divorce can be an emotionally trying time for couples in Oregon who decide to part ways. Although the divorce may be for the best, issues like property division and child custody arrangements can leave divorcees feeling discouraged. However, throwing "divorce parties" is a new trend designed to help divorcing spouses overcome their struggles and celebrate the changes they are making in their lives.

The rise in divorce parties

According to The Huffington Post, divorce parties have risen in popularity over the past several years, illustrating that getting a divorce in the U.S. is not like it used to be just 20 years ago. For example, a New Jersey-based event planner said that she started to notice the trend of throwing divorce parties rise about five years ago and now plans about 10 to 15 of these celebrations each year. A party planner in New York said that he started noticing a demand for these parties in 2012 and now plans about a dozen for both men and women on an annual basis.

The growth of divorce parties is also reflected in wedding-related businesses, like cake stores. The Huffington Post states that a man who owns cake stores in Baltimore and Los Angeles made his first cake for a divorce party 10 years ago and now bakes about one a month.

These parties are often joyous, resemble the mood often present at weddings and involve a variety of different activities. For example, some divorce parties include fireworks displays while others feature a visit to a health spa or holding a "reverse wedding." However, these parties don't always have to involve a crowd of people. Sometimes, divorcees celebrate parting ways from their spouse by themselves. For instance, a man decided to go skydiving after divorcing his wife to commemorate the end of his marriage.

Strategies for recovery

Although hosting a divorce party may ease some of the difficulties of getting divorced, recovery is a process that takes time. According to WebMD, divorcees should do the following to reinvent themselves after the end of their marriage:

  • Work through their feelings by speaking with a therapist or participating in an activity that they enjoy.
  • Pick hobbies back up that were enjoyed before they got married.
  • Try out a new lifestyle either by doing something as minor as getting a haircut or moving to a new city.

    Additionally, working with an attorney throughout the divorce process can often ease some of the stress and tension associated with this process. If you and your spouse are contemplating divorce, meet with an attorney in your area who can provide you with legal guidance.